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Why I’m thankful for FOOD52

When searching for meal ideas on the internet it is increasingly more difficult to avoid the onslaught of “clean eating, whole food” recipes being promoted. A trend that is marketed not as a diet but a “change in lifestyle” may sound harmless but in fact it has become way more complicated then that. Social media […]

Sunday Meatballs and “Gravy”

In my house growing up Sunday dinner never varied, it was always macaroni and meatballs. The “gravy” and meatballs were made from scratch (sort of, we cheated and use canned tomatoes) and the macaroni was whatever pasta we wanted as long as we didn’t call it “noodles.” My brothers and I would help roll the […]

The Trick about Treats: Tips for Parents

Children require guidance in all areas of their lives— how to tie their shoes, when to speak in a quiet voice, and, of course, when, what and how to eat. As a parent, I know it is my job to think carefully about the messages I send to my child regarding food to start her […]

Eat This AND That: Rethinking “Top Food” Lists

Photo Credit: Creative Commons by Pixabay   Not a day goes by without a Top 10, Top 6, Top 3 list of dietary recommendations floating by my Twitter or Facebook feed. Whether it’s eating certain foods to boost immunity, improve mood or burn muscle, or avoiding a number of foods putting your health at risk, […]

(Re)Defining Healthy

Ever find yourself skating on a thin line between wanting to eat healthy and obsessing about everything you put in your mouth?  Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can have positive effects on your social, emotional, and physical wellbeing—but this is entirely dependent on how you choose to define healthy. You may view “healthy” in terms of […]